I grew up in a family full of People with Powerful Abilities and Gifts. My Strength and Comfort, as I grew to realize how harsh the world could be to difference, was and is always my Family. They are always cheering me on and sharing their stories to help me improve upon My Gifts and Path. Because of them, I have had the courage to be a practicing Gray Witch for the past 30 years.


I am a 5th Generation Witch and have created The Path of The Moon Tradition, based on text attained from my Great Grandmother’s Journal and Several years of study. My goal through teachings and life is to help others open up to the Shadow side of self, to embrace the magnificence of that space within and use it to heal, transform, connect and ascend.


-I am a Practitioner and Instructor of Wholistic Wellness, and Mystic Arts

-Licensed Massage Therapist (20+ yrs)

-Certified Energy Practitioner and Instructor (15 yrs)

-Master Level 3, Reiki Practitioner and Instructor (15 yrs)

-Certified YTT200 Yoga Instructor (3 yrs)

-Certified Hypno and Meditation Therapist (10 yrs)

-Certified Sound Therapist (5 yrs)

-Ordained Reverend

-Spiritual/ Intuitive Counselor

-High Priestess and Circle Leader at The Old Tree Spiritual Sanctuary

-Psychic/ Medium/ Intuitive/ Luminary/ Divination Lover/ Personality

-Entrepreneur (The Old Tree Metaphysical Shoppe)

-Podcast Priestess (The OptiMystic Oracle)

-Philanthropist (CDH Warriors of the PNW, Guild)


On top of All of this, my most important and loved Gig... MOM!

I have been gifted with 4 talented, loving, smart, funny, headstrong and Beautiful Children and

one Fucking Fabulous Husband!


I also Collaborate with many other groups such as Seattle Psychics Association, Painted Goddess and Country Dwellers Podcast.

The Many Facets of Me

Mother - Wife - Philanthropist

Serial Entrepreneur - Writer - Photographer  - Podcaster 

Alternative  Health Practitioner  - Yoga Instructor

 Massage Therapist - Cupping Therapist

Reiki Master Usui Tradition - Chakra Therapist

 Hypnotherapist - Meditation Therapist

Crystal Healing Therapist - Lightworker - Empath Intuitive - Spiritualist - Medium - Eternal Optimyst

Instructor - Mentor - Reverend

High Priestess - 5th Generation Witch 

MareLin Pnw HPriestess


Regardless of the "Hat" I am wearing at the time, my main goal is to raise the Vibration of Love and Light throughout the World!

I practice this Every Day and with

Every Healing Session. 


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