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Cyber Monday

10% Off All Mystic Work Services

Healing Journey Tarot

No matter the Path you are on, Healing Journey Tarot enlightens you to the aspects of yourself that need to be Healed as well as the Strength within that should be Applauded. With Every Session I communicate with Divine Energy for Your Best and Highest Good. To bring about Healing, Peace, Self Love and an Awareness to the Shine that lives within but may have been forgotten.

**This Service can be Done Face to Face, By Telephone or by Video Chat.


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Spirit Communication services

This service can be utilized by One person or as a Group Reading. Our guides, guardians, angels and ancestors communicate with one another to bring us Messages. Intuitively, I connect with them to relay the Messages to you.


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Cord Cutting Session

Because we are ALL Energy, we create energetic attachments to People, Places and Things. These Attachments aren't always Positive and can Hold us back from Forward Movement on our Path of Best and Highest Good. In this Session, we work together to Release those attached Cords with Love, Light, Healing and Shamanic Practices.


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On-Site Energy Cleansing & Balancing

We are ALL energy. Even when we pass over to the other side, part of our Energy remains here... Sometimes in our House, On our Person or Our Property. Using techniques that my Dear Shaman Friend taught me, I walk your Property and Home and Cleanse away any Negative aspect that may still be lingering around, allowing Positivity to fill the void. Looking to Sell Your Home... After you have packed your posessions, I can come in and Cleanse The Energy of the space, bring Positive Movement to it while Energetically Inviting the New Buyer to Find it!


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