Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy, Many Different Modalities and MANY Benefits!

I was Lucky enough to receive the brochure in the mail inviting me to take these Certification Classes. What a Blessing! I Love Cupping! I feel as though whenever I get a migraine, the first thing I turn to are my Cups. I have a Multitude of different ones that I use in my therapy services, but what I use on my neck and occipital area are my Baguanfa Cups (Silicone Suction Cups). They have been my "go to" since I took the Cupping Class!

When I do not have a Migraine, but my Body is feeling the pain, I have a multitude of different cups to choose from. My Baguanfa Cups (Can be used anywhere on the body, Also Great for Cellulite Treatments), My Bell Cups and my Bellatazze Set (I use these for Facial Cupping, Sinus and Neck Work), My Kangzhu Cupping Kit with Optional Magnet Therapy (Can be used anywhere on the Body and Wonderful for Reflexology) and my Glass Cups for Fire Cupping (these are a magickal treat!)

The Only thing I regret about Cupping... is that... I did not take Before and After Pictures. Especially when I comes to Cellulite and Facial Treatments.

I could take text from the International Cupping Therapy Association Page, but why?! I am going to share their link for my Clientele to research Cupping and I encourage you LMT's to take the Classes available! And... if you look under the Practitioners tab, I am listed in Snoqualmie, Wa.

Take a Look at the Benefits Cupping Provides and the MANY Different ways it can be used (the Many Different Ways I use It!). Look at the Entire Site or just click on the Treatments Tab to the Left.


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