The Many Facets of Me


We are all born with A Name assigned to our Special Date. I was born on

The Day of Spirited Energies.


I used The Title of this Special Day to Form the name of my 1st Business!








Spirited Energies Massage Therapy   -   Born in Las Vegas, NV, January of 2001.

Full of Love and Excitement for the New Life and Freedom it created for me, I steadily built my Clientele on a Referral Basis Only. I have found that Word of Mouth Business is the Best. In Case you didn't know....Referrals are filled with Love!


As my practice matured and I took on more clientele, Their needs for Skin Hydration and Topical Pain Alleviating Remedies became more apparent (I couldn't be there all the time). I remembered the days of making Lotions and Lip Balms for myself and my baby girls and decided to birth another Business.


Butterfly Kisses Lotions & Potions   -   Born in Las Vegas, NV, February of 2002.


After Moving to Washington State in 2007 with my Two Daughters and Marrying the Man that Swept me off of my Feet, we added another little person to our family in 2008. Needless to say, Business took a backseat. Responsibility and Family came to the Forefront as my Son, Hunter, was born with a condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Many Days were spent in the Hospital, but EVERY DAY IS a Blessing. Time Flew By as each day transitioned into the next and before we knew it, we welcomed our 4th child into the family. My hands were full and my businesses were basically non-existent, but something in me wanted to do more.

I had to help in some way pertaining to CDH. I joined a CDH Organization and quickly took on several different volunteer roles in the administration, awareness and fund raising departments. I did this for about 2 years, and then I realized that Washington State has Many CDH Families, but had No Research Funding for our own Hospital. Together with 3 other families, CDH Warriors of the Pacific Northwest Guild was Formed. We are a 501CIII Charity, under the Umbrella of Seattle Children's Hospital. All funds Raised, GO DIRECTLY to SCH for CDH Research and are Tax Deductible.

To find out more about CDH and/or contribute in Fundraising for CDH Research at Seattle Childrens Hospital, please visit


CDH Warriors of the Pacific Northwest Guild   -   Born in Washington, 2014


Self Discovery, Spirituality and the Realization of Mortality mixed with the Need to fill a void in my  Soul brought me to my next venture in life.

From the time I was a young girl, I was told I was born with the gift of "Sight". I was told the stories of Dream Divination that my Grandmother so Beautifully Embraced, of the "Messages" from "Spirit" that Her Mother, My Great Grandmother, received and Shared with those in need (me being one of them, as I have the privilege of reading her journal Now) and of my Great Great Grandmother's gift of "Knowing".

My Wonderful Family is Full of Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Electrokinesis (AKA Sliders), Empathic, Artistic, Magickal Beings. As far as I know, I am the first one to "Come Out" Publicly. It took time.. Starting when I was young with the Family Stories and My Amazing Dad, who Fed this Wild Soul with the reassuring words of courage to Just Be Me! I was young, I didn't want to be Me, I wanted to Fit In. Still, I listened longingly to the mystical stories of family before me and the dreams of My Grandmother at that time. I delved into the metaphysical a little in my 20's, but then in various relationships where it wasn't looked upon kindly, I hid Myself again.

Finally, in my 30's, I came into Being a Woman and Realized how Powerful that word Is! I started recognizing Myself and other Women as Goddesses, Powerful, Desirable, Self Assured, Knowing, Healing, Compassionate and Loving. This Transformation added to the Magick that already brewed within me and opened doors of Darkness, Light, Experimentation, Self Exploration, Intuition, "The Clairs", Energy Work and Self Healing through Release.

I have studied many life lessons, some easy and some hard.  I have learned the true Practice is to Appreciate that I Will Never Know All, I will Forever be a Student and that is OK. Once I acknowledged this, I began to Accept and Love my Shine. I started to visit a store here in Washington called Stargazers and quickly started taking classes.  I then became one of their featured Alternative Practitioners and Readers as well as Tess's Assistant and Web Administrator.

All of the paths I have walked have led me to KNOW Unconditional Love. Knowing the Feeling of Giving and Receiving Unconditional Love, I knew it was time that I Share my path, my stories, my energy, my teachings and My Shine. I knew it was time to help others bring out and appreciate their Light, their Amazingness and their Magick,  so....I created... you guessed it.. Another Business! I didn't know where it may fit in, but knew I needed to CLAIM it.


The Old Tree Metaphysical Shoppe & Healing Space   -   Born in Washington, 2010


As I have grown as a Practicing Witch, Empath, Alternative Practitioner, Intuitive, Medium, Oracle, etc... Labels, Labels, Labels... Let's just say, Spiritually I am Growing more and more every day.

I have connected to "Divine", "Spirit" as my Great Grandmother would say, through what is called  Divine Downloads. Divine Downloads are Positive, Inspirational, Real Messages from the "Source" which I then infuse with Un-Filtered Pictures that I take. My Prints are available on my site for purchase and can also be seen in Stargazers' Newsletters. Just look for...


Always A Positive Side   -   Born in Washington, March of 2017


Oh My Goodness... All of this brings me to my latest Ventures!

I have recently joined forces with my darling friend Runa, to create Country Dwellers.

Country Dwellers is a Spiritual Journey Pagan Podcast   -   Born in Washington, 2017

Country Dwellers Podcast will be premiering June 17, 2017. MareLin and Runa will be taking you along a spiritual journey, exploring some of the oldest spirituality on our planet, the pagan path. Each episode will feature explorations into the Wheel of the Year, the Tarot, working with the land, recipes for yumminess and health, celebrations, rituals, self-care, ancient wisdom, and anything else the path reveals to us. We welcome all in love and light and hope everyone will join us with an open mind and heart. You can listen to our weekly podcast on iTunes - Google Play - SoundCloud and on our website


What is Next......

Under Construction, Under Wraps, Reveal Coming Soon

The Raven Tree Project   -   Born in Washington, March of 2017

The Raven Tree Project came together one day when I was talking with my dear Friend, Raven. We decided that day to join together and create something Full of Love, Magick, Healing and Exploration.

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