Path of the moon Initiate - Beltane

Hello, Welcome and Merry Meet. My name is MareLin and I am the Founding High Priestess of The Path of the Moon Studies and the Moon Tribe of The Old Tree, as well as an initiate of many other paths (you can never learn too much). I was born into a family of witchery, at least 5 generations deep. I have been a Practicing Witch for over 30 years. I am the first of our family to Jump out of the broom closet and I will Never return to it again. I have been teaching the craft to the public for 6 years now and I am so excited to be part of the Future of the Witch. Please know that I hold a very secure and safe space for freely learning and expressing. I look forward to meeting you all. 


The Path of the Moon is a journey of Self Exploration, Healing and Celebration of Growth, of Empowerment.. of Becoming. While walking the path of Witchery, of the Craft, of Balance...we are led by the Phases of the Moon... The Great Goddess Selene and taught by the Mother of All Witches... Hecate. In this journey around the Wheel of the Year you will learn many Wonderful things about the unknown and about self. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary, all that is required is an open mind. This is not a typical Wiccan path, we will not be practicing a religion. We will be practicing Magick (Witch Craft) and we Will be walking in the Between - for this is where the most magickal part of us lives.


You will begin your Journey as an Initiate of The Moon Tribe of The Old Tree (c). The Study to become a High Priestess or Priest will take time as there are 3 Degrees after Initiate (Initiate, 1st and 2nd Degree (Priest or Priestess) and 3rd Degree (High Priest or Priestess), to complete prior to you forming your own Moon Tribe using what you have learned from your studies with myself and The Path Of the Moon.


‚ÄčThese courses house classes that are online via Live ZOOM classes and Q&A sessions, Written Documents via email, and Pre- Recorded classes via link. All Documents, Live classes and Q&A as well as Pre-Recorded classes will be accessible via the Members Section of my Website and will be regularly updated as we complete sections of study. You will need have access to the internet and Zoom software (free download) to take these courses.  We will also have a Closed FB Group, dedicated to Students Only, for the purposes of Connection and Discussion of lessons and experiences. Initiates will have their own group and So on... When you move up a degree, you will have access to Initiate and 1st Degree Groups, after graduating 1st Degree you will only have access to 2nd Degree Group as your learning will be more advanced than the prior groups and upon entering 3rd Degree you will have your own group of which discussions of Ritual and Moon Tribe Building will take place.

Package Includes

Weekly Class Studies: Live Pre-Recorded and Email

Bi-Weekly Live Q & A Sessions

Recorded Meditation Sessions

Moon Gatherings (Required Attendance Via Feed)

Quarterly Exams

Classes Held 4/22/2020 - 4/25/2021

Forever Access to Classes Via the Members Page

Community Access via our FB Group

Continuous Class Information Update/Change Notifications via Email


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