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A divine sense of humor

Let Go and Laugh it Off!!

Easier said than done?... Not necessarily, it just takes a different way of looking at things.  A Moon or two past, I called upon Kali to End some things I wanted off of my plate... Well That happened and MORE!  Unexpected, yes... but then again.. not really, I mean... I did call upon Kali!!

She has come into play in such a way.. ending the Unnecessary in my life and assisting me to see the Humor in my Worrying about all of it. Opening my eyes to a Freedom of Flight in Laughter and Joy.  I walked around so serious, wanting to excel in so many different things that weren't even Mine to work so hard for.

In releasing these things from my life, I have filled the space with Passion, Pride and Commitment to Myself and What IS Mine to Work For and Excel In!  Kali just stands there with a smile on her face and says, "You See now how silly you were? Laugh it Off and Let It Go!"

Look at mistakes as lessons, sometimes we get them, sometimes we have to screw up REALLY Bad before we do. It is all a journey, we all travel it at our own Beautiful Pace. Take a break every so often, Giggle at yourself and your idiocy... Go ahead, we all have it in us. When you can Laugh at yourself and your "not so bright" moments... Well, that is when you have found Your Divine Sense of Humor. Cherish it!

Blessed Be!

MareLin Pnw HPriestess

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