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Full Libra Moon, Eclipse Gateway Opening!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Our full moon in Libra is taking place on 4/5/2023 at 9:34pm PST!

The Question for this upcoming Full moon.....

How am I taking my power back?

As the Eclipse gateway opens at the full moon, we have opportunity to work on Empowering Transformation. I don't know about you, but the earlier part of 2023... specifically Feb/March was tough for me. The last part of 2022 into 2023 was about a lot of Shadow work, not only Facing truths about myself but about society as a whole. The connection between both self and collective, the responsibility for Self and Community, the Acknowledgment that to Empower Self by Positively Changing is to Empower the Positive Change of Society!

These personal questions came to me ....what am I choosing to not see, in self and collective? What am I bowing out of because of fear of conflict? What am I not "taking care" of because of fear of Hard work? Asking myself these questions was important yes, but acknowledging them and not judging myself for not handling them prior, was the real claiming of my Power! Had I lived in avoidance, hell yes, did/Do I want to anymore.... Fuck No! As I claim my power back, I share that with the collective and bring the energies of Empowerment to THE PEOPLE!!!!

I Fully believe that we are all connected, yes..... even the shittiest of beings to the best of beings..... all connected. While it may be difficult to see how one person can create positive change in such toxic environment, belief in the possibility of change is the Magick ingredient that person holds...... That belief can Spread like wildfire connecting more and more people that share it, throughout the globe..... but the flame was first ignited by One.

Are you going to be that One?.....

How do you choose to take your Power Back? What truth have you come to realize has been holding you back from claiming your power? RELEASE that but also Give GRATITUDE for Finally coming to the realization that to create change, to claim self power that feeds the collective empowerment, we Have to Acknowledge the Truths of Self and Society.

"Egoic shadow does not dwell in the Magick of Empowerment, instead it burns bright with the Strength, Desire and Creative Motivation of wanton change!" THE OptiMystic Oracle - MareLin PNWHP

Dark Moon in Aries on 4/18/2023 Is a Fabulous time to do any last Release work (From the Full moon in Libra on 4/5/23). Get out there AND BURN AWAY any remaining cords of attachment to Fear, anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, etc..... you won't need them anymore

The first eclipse occurs during our Next New Moon in Aries/Taurus on April 19,2023. Beginning in Aries and moving into Taurus later that evening, this new moon offers us a chance to work eclipse Magick And use the elements of Fire and Earth to not only clear a pathway for us but to provide heated soil to plant our seeds of Intention for Foundational Transformation, while utilizing the energies of every phase of the moon during eclipse.

The Circle is Open, but Unbroken. Until we meet again my darlings.


THE OptiMystic Oracle


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