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Imbolc, the time between death and rebirth.

Here we are, halfway through January 2021. The plague still runs wild while the Capitol building is plundered and our President, while preparations are being made for a second impeachment, is taken off of various social media platforms for inspiring people to wreak havoc in the name of voter fraud, freedom, and Jesus. I personally am much more spiritual than I am religious, and I can't say I necessarily believe in Jesus, but I can say that I have personally witnessed at least one (probably more, just too blind to acknowledge) miracle in my lifetime, so I definitely believe in some kind of energetic higher power. Believing in miracles affords me the thought that all will one day be right in the world. It will take work, but that is what this time of between is about.

This is a time between the quarters on the ever-turning wheel of the year. Inauguration happens January 20th, 2021. This is an 8, a foundational step in the future of our world. The moon will sit in first quarter Aries, the starter of all change and transformation. A day of fire that cleanses and purifies for growth of positive change and forward motion to healing and connection. As we move evermore forward to February 1-3, 2021, we bring in more fire with the celebration of Imbolc. The welcoming of joy and light.

The Goddess Brighid comes to mind now. She is a Goddess of fertility, smith crafting, poetry, healing, fire, sun, and hearth. She is a triple Goddess but at Imbolc represents the maiden in her fertile form. This is a time that fires and candles are lit, reminding us that at the end of this winter’s shadow journey, light awaits us. The light of truth, growth, and change. The light of the flame that burns away fear of the unknown and fills our spirit instead with wonder and excitement. Wonder as to what comes next as the buds show themselves on the trees and as the seeds mature under the cold earth. We are gifted with a youthful excitement as the energy builds inside the shell, inside the bud… until they break free from the constraints. Free now… vulnerable now… they expand and open to show their true selves to the World!

We are these buds, these seeds, this energy, this life force that chooses change!!

Imbolc is the reminder that life comes after death. After we allow ourselves to truly die and be buried in the winter soil of our loving, healing, nurturing, Mother Gaia. We must die to LIVE; we must be still to replenish our energy for our rebirth in the Spring. This time of Sabbat is not about the Solstices or the Equinoxes, but more so about the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental balance, between space and time, the time between death and rebirth.

There are many ways to celebrate Imbolc, and you should explore what ways connect with you the most. For me, however, I plan to celebrate it by lighting fires and flames and allowing myself the time of between, the time of stillness and replenishment, the time of Remembrance and dreams of what can, will, and should be.

I wish you all a very happy Imbolc. May the light of Divine universe bless you. May you take into your hearth and heart the warmth and hope it brings.

PS. As an update to this blog..... Our new President and Our New FEMALE Vice President have been safely inaugurated into office. Let the healing begin and #LetLoveLead


MareLin PNW High Priestess

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