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Ostara Fire into Beltane Love

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

We opened this Sexual discussion via Instagram posts, with the Spring/Vernal Equinox aka Ostara. The astrological New Year, the turn to Aries... Fire of Growth, Passion and Transformation. The heat of the flame cannot be denied.

We now move into Taurus/Venus and the Loving Celebration of Beltane (April 31 - May 1)! The Passion Now Physically manifests into action. I thought it would be wise to sum up the Instagram posts along with the Erotic Water Ritual I wrote, here via my blog.

We started off with a Quote that honestly got my engine revving. The celebration of the equinox was upon us. Thus opening up an entire floodgate of sexual energy, hoping you enjoy the journey with me. What better way to celebrate or honor this time, than by embracing body, intimacy, passion, orgasm?? It is time to wake up our Sexual Energies/ Magick (my favorite subject), with the Spark of Aries, and the Seed Planting/ Fertilization/ Growth/ Rebirth of Ostara. Use this powerful energy with respect and honor. Could you imagine using sex magick to heal sexual and emotional trauma? No need for a partner when practicing this kind of goodness.

"The subtle-body pyrotechnics increase with the awakening of the navel center; we might call this set of experiences the smoke of the rising fire. You may begin to see your own aura or your partners’, as balls or shimmering halos of color. You might see the circle around you, or see geometric shapes as you become visually aware of the subtle-body and the other worlds. You might begin to sense energy movements you are not consciously generating in your partner's body and aura, or in your own. You might feel or see your subtle-body merge with your partner’s. Sitting or lying face to face, you might notice the centers along the central column suddenly merge or blow open.” - Ecstatic Ritual – Brandy Williams

Building the energy, it is all about taking it slow, enjoying the play time.

"As the flower awaits the bee to embrace its beauty, the bee awaits the flower to open. The Goddess once again gives birth to the Sun. As the Sun shines through a blade of grass, Persephone, led by Hades, makes her way back into the arms of her Mother, Demeter. Spring has begun, we have now entered the light half of the year. The Pomegranate has been eaten and Persephone will return to the underworld, but not until Fun has been had, crops have been grown and harvested, flowers have bloomed, babies have been born, much love has been made, and celebration had. The wheel has turned yet again to the Beginning, to Rebirth. The fire of Aries, blown into life by the spirit winds of the East, pushes us to release the old and come up from the ash, anew. Endless opportunity awaits the seed being planted on this day. Many Blessings," - MareLin PNW High Priestess

“I feel your touch on my skin, so soft, so hot. My body responds with goosebumps, but is also lit on fire. I allow myself to fully embrace and rejoice in what I know is coming next. Releasing inhibitions and opening fully to you, my entire body quivers with arousal, excitement, pleasure, and orgasm(s)…. And this is just foreplay! If you have never had a Scorpio lover, I suggest you spend just five minutes with one. There is no wanting to escape from the erotic energy they exude. Imo. <3 to my Scorpio” MareLin

"Mmmmmm, that feeling of the building of orgasm. All of that energy making its way into the world, wanting so badly to escape and show itself in the face of ecstasy. Hold it, allow it to build... Direct it to the the vision of intention, to the written spell, to the dedicated piece on the Altar... This energy is to be used for the purpose of Magickal Manifestation. Sex Magick isn't about opening your legs, it's about opening portals to out of body experiences and mental states, it's about bringing dreams, goals, and ideas, into the physical realm with the use of Orgasmic energy. It is one of the most powerful forms of magick there is." - MareLin PNW High Priestess

Sex Magick, like all other magick can have Any intention you would like it to have. And we all know, above all, the intention is the heart of the magick being created. That being said, if you would like to add some oomph to the practice, please consider adding the following to the mix.

Magickal tools and toys (be creative, gather whatever it is that makes you quiver in excitement and arousal) - Spells , Sigil, Dedicated Altar Piece, Candles, Oils, Flowers, Herbs, Stones/Crystals, Locks of hair, Nail clippings - Music, Clothing – Location/Environment (Create a Sacred Space) – Deity (one is not needed, but I have found that when I invoke the Goddess – whichever one represents the energy I am looking for – my workings are much more intense) – Participant(s) (again not needed) –

Gather your items and place them however you would like on your Altar , also be sure to represent the four corners as well as ether (if this is part of your practice). Place the Altar as a focal point, this is what is absorbing the energy to bring the intention into fruition and is also a great reminder of the power we have called in as well as keeping us in the needed mindset (the directing, moving, and manipulating of energy).

Break out the Crystals and build some Sexual Energy. I Love a good Crystal and one that can amp up my sex life, is one that I will for sure pick up. So many places to put a crystal….. in your pocket, in your bra, in you (only certain crystals are made for this, do your research). One of the things I love the most is adding them to my bedroom and tub space. For this I like to pick crystals that connect with the:

Root Chakra (for a hold on foundation and the knowing of the right to lay down boundaries) - Garnet – Vitalizing, Keeps Energy Flowing, Symbol of love and compassion, Aids in Sex Drive.

The Sacral Chakra (our place of Pleasure, Feelings, Emotion, Self, Development of Flexibility, Ovaries/Testicles) - Carnelian – Aids in self-control, Releases fear, Provides Confidence, Maintains an improved flow of life force energy via the blood. Great stone to help in the reproductive areas of the body as well as stimulating sexual energy.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Inner light, Courage, Confidence, Self Esteem, Manifestation), - Citrine - Mental Stimulant, Opens Conscious Mind to Intuition, Promotes Mental Clarity, Positive Outlook, Increases Self Esteem, Provides Joy and Love to the Owner.

Sometimes I add the Lower and Upper Heart Chakras (The area of Compassion, Desire for Happiness, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Healing, The dividing area of Lower and Higher chakras). - Rose Quartz - Resonates Goddess Energy, All about Loving on Physical and Spiritual Level Unconditionally, Gives Inner Peace, Opens the Heart to Love, Helps to rejuvenate the skin - Watermelon Tourmaline - Perfect Stone for Balancing Yin and Yang, Connects Heart Chakra to both Physical and Spiritual Vibrations, Cleanses and Removes Blockages, Infuses the Heart with Joy and Divine Love. Unakite - It resonates with the frequency of love, compassion and kindness, and is a stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body. Enjoy your crystals or other toys/tools you may have and remember to Always Cleanse them Before and After use. - <3 MareLin

This magick isn’t all business, it’s about having fun and being free as well. Building the energy begins with the ignition of desire, why not be uninhibited! Paint symbols, words, etc. on your body(s), connect your energy without touch, share Love Language (this is different for everyone). Understand that sexual energy is Not limited, there is No rush, slow down, allow the energy to build throughout your entire body.

At the Moment of orgasm, we transcend, we become the truest form of ourselves; beautiful, free from pain, fear, and judgement. Just as we use this magick to Bring things to us, we can also use it to Bring Release, to bring Strength, to Break down the barriers between our dreams and fears, to heal the trauma of the past, and to Bring the acknowledgement of our Courageous selves through vulnerability.

As a side note, just as Sex Magick is powerful with the building and release of orgasm, it is Also powerful in the building and denial of orgasm. (such as in BDSM).

All Sexual Magick practiced should be Consensual.

<3 MareLin


Now we move into the Ritual Prep and Erotic Water Ritual

Set that Intention

Building Trust, Healing Work, Cleansing away sexual, emotional, and mental trauma from past experiences, embracing the beauty of intimacy, sexuality, and body. Bringing in the healing power of water - sensual loving touch, building of mental and physical trust with loving touch.

Allow the body to Feel, knowing we are Free to express our Boundaries prior to, and During this Ritual, acknowledging Safe Space.

As much as this ritual is about Healing, it is also about acknowledging the Power of and Freedom of Expression! Release, Cleanse. Focus the energy on letting go of past trauma and allowing the entire being to open the doorway of healing. Remember to Breathe.

A spell of Release and Rebirth could be placed on the Altar for some added power.

Control the Energy of Orgasm during erotic play (No insertion during playtime), when ready, direct the Energy to the Altar and Magickal Intention.

Preparation, Associations, Tools and Toys


Break out those Water Proof or made for the water, toys! A few examples are Sponge, Washcloth, Water proof "Massager", Blindfold, etc. Have FUN with this!

Out of the water play time will happen after the bath, maybe use some oils, edible items, feather, ties, etc.


Candles, not only do they add ambience but also magick.

Red: Root, Grounding, Safety, Security, Foundation

Orange: Sacral, Sex Organs, Womb, Connection to Goddess

Yellow: Solar Plexus, Breakthrough Fear, Courage, Self Confidence

Green: Heart, Healing, Soothing

Blue: Throat, Expression, Communication of Wants, Needs, and Boundaries

Indigo: 3rd Eye, Connection to Intuition, Inner God/Goddess

Violet: Crown, Connection with Divine

White: All of the Above!


No need to pick just one. You can use A statue, picture, item to represent God/Goddess energies or use two basic statues, pictures, items to represent Each. Be creative, there are so many things you can use to represent God/Goddess. If you use a Main Deity, you can choose to use Just that one or add it to the mix. We all have our own practices and paths - when I create ritual, I call upon the energy I want to work with, for my set intention and ask universe to send me the Deity that will work best with the ritual. I am never disappointed. Bottom line, do what feels best to you!


I love to use fresh herbs/oils in my bath. A calming herb/oil like lavender is a great one to use. Rose would also be nice, as well as dandelion for detox. Salts, and Flower Petals are also a nice touch. To take it even further... What oils/herbs are associated with the chosen deity?


For this ritual I would personally use garnet, carnelian, citrine/ pyrite, rose quartz, lithium quartz, black tourmaline, and clear quartz to amplify all.


Even though this ritual, for the most part, takes place in water there are a few things I personally take care of prior.


I shower, shave, wax (this is not for anyone else, it's for me) - I feel more in tune with my goddess side when I do these things.


Believe it or not, I don't indulge in any adult drink or smoke for a few days prior to ritual. I clear my head to be able to recognize the true intentions I want to set and the magic I want to manifest.

As I am detoxing myself, I also detox my space. I am inviting not only deity, but the energies of change, healing, release, and rebirth into my sacred space. I do not want to have a cluttered space to practice this kind of magic in.

I cleanse the tub area for sure, then clean and pick up the rest of the bathroom.

I set all of my candles, tools, toys in place.

I wash my bedding, make the bed and pick up my room.

I Intentionally Set a Sacred Circle

Moving into a ritual mindset-

Now with my area clean and my body cleansed, it's time for the mind. So many different things can get you into the mind space of ritual magic.

Music, movies, exercise, etc.

My favorite way is the placement of the altar! Where do I want to put this focal point? What do I want to put on it?

I meditate

I gauge the energies of my space - This tells me where the Altar would like to be placed and what would like to be placed upon it.

I check in as to where I am mentally at that time while also checking in with my boundaries, the physical and energetic aspects of my body, and to connect myself with above, below and between. Allowing connection to Divine God/Goddess Wholly - mind body and spirit.

**Although this ritual will be fun and erotic, it is also shadow work. Prior to the actual ritual, try and work with the mind to relax the body and open to sensory work. You are working magic here, so open the door to the subconscious with an open to healing kind of mindset.

You can work with this by touching yourself. No orgasm.

Run your fingers over your skin barely touching, feel the energy, massage yourself, wake up the chakras.

Look into the mirror and repeat affirmations to build self confidence and invite an open mind.

Side Note: if you are wondering if the Ritual can be done without all of these Steps/Tools/Toys, the answer is Yes. It would require more mental envisioning and connecting, but yes. The tools, toys, and steps, more so allow you to get out of your own way by supplying focal points. During arousal it isn't always easy to stay focused on the task at hand and enjoy the magic being worked. The tools, toys, and steps aren't necessary but for this magic I believe they add an amazing energy of their own to the mix.

Once everything is ready - you will be ready to Enjoy the Ritual to its Fullest!!


Erotic Water Ritual

The purpose is to use the energy to manifest healing, release, self-confidence, and freedom from past constraints, traumas, body image issues, and so on . Be free in your body and love your sexual being. Be confident in your boundaries and know that it is your right to express them and have them heard. Take back your power!

All actions should be consensual

This Ritual does not have to be performed with a partner. We can create just as much magick by ourselves with the power of orgasm via masturbation and the use of the imagination.

If you are one for Tub sex, go for it!

I am not a big fan of sexing it up in the water, but I DO love a passionate play session in the tub.


With Every movement, Every Action the energy builds.

Light the candles, Turn on the Music, Prepare the spaces, Call in corners and close the Circle if that is your practice.

Fill your tub with Erotic Energy, Excitement, Freedom of Expression, Safety,

and add your ingredients.

Undress each other

Help each other into the tub.

Every touch done with honor, respect, love and tenderness.

Take a moment to get comfortable in your own skin and surroundings.

Slowly and Seductively wash each other with the washcloth, sponge, hands

Taking time to CONNECT with your partner's body, eyes, mouth

Notice how you want your partner to touch you, to feel you, to kiss you

Notice how you are desired by your partner

Take TIME to play.

Kiss, touch, squeeze, massage, tease

Wash your partner's hair

trusting your partner with your eyes closed, lean back into their embrace.

Get into one another

Build the passionate energy

Allow self expression, what are your boundaries, wants and needs

Invite Sexual Freedom into you

Embrace the healing it provides by claiming your power to Voice

(If you are ready to explode and direct your orgasmic energy to the set intention,

Feel Free to do it NOW)

If you would like to play more, please proceed.....

When you are both ready

dry one another off, softly and lovingly, every inch.

move the fun into the bedroom

Take in the beauty of your partner lying naked on the bed

with your oil, take turns and massage your partner Everywhere!

Allow yourself to be fully aroused

Speak your wants, you are in a safe space

When you are BOTH completely ready to let go....

Focus your energies on the set intention


Allow the acceptance of Release of past trauma.

Let Go


Create Magick

When done having fun, Give Gratitude to God/Goddess, hydrate, blow out the candles, and rest.

Everything else can be cleaned up the next day. Let it wait.


MareLin PNW High Priestess



None of this blog is meant as a medical prescription or medical advice. I am Not a Doctor.

If Sexual/Emotional/Body Image Trauma is part of your life,

please know that it is courageous to reach out for professional help

and in no way shows weakness.

I wish you Love, Healing, and the Claiming of your Power.

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