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Sing me a song of spellwork

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

"Spells are Rhyming Words that Sing a Song of Magick" <3 MareLin

Most of the Information from the Podcast you will find on our Country Dwellers Website, but... You won't see the Spell of The Week Posted on the Page so I wanted to write it out for you and Explain in further detail.

I am Very Nature Based. The majority of my Spells come to me in the form of Grounding, Healing, Love and Balance. Exactly what our Mother Earth Provides for us. This week in the Tarot Runa drew the Queen of Pentacles! So Very Gaia (Mother Earth)! The Tarot Draws are on the spot, not rehearsed so it is extremely cool when they coincide with the Spell.

Spell for the week of 6/17/2017:

For this one, I want you to Envision yourself as a Tree, Roots getting deeper and deeper, Branches getting Higher and Higher. Look around you, you can see Everything, You can Grow Anywhere but, you Choose to just Be for a moment.

Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around.      Arms as Branches Reach to Air.

Feet Firmly Placed Into Ground.     The Question of How and Where is No Longer There.

The Place of Being IS Abound!

So It Is!

To listen to Country Dwellers Season 1 Episode 1 Podcast in full, you can visit:

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