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Summer Solstice Reading

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

This Summer is going to be Filled with Changes and maybe some Challenges.... Don't Stress, Just Believe. You Got This!!!

Card 1. Diving For Light: When we Dive for the Light, We Dive deep into the Dark Abyss of our Soul! You may feel as though you were pushed into this journey, that you aren't prepared for it... You Are. And It Needs to Happen now! You have Subconsciously Chosen this Journey Because you Know it leads to Growth in Power, Wisdom, Creative Juice and mostly Faith! Don't waste your time trying to figure out the Cause of this Journey, Just accept it as something that Needs to be Acknowledged, Released and Healed. Have Faith that This Journey leads to the innermost Magick within your Soul.

Card 2. Relax The Hold of Darkness and Be at Cause (in Reverse): Your Soul Journey may take longer than anticipated or Wanted. There is Deep Healing that is occurring within you and an immense Release is coming. Hold Strong, You are a Seed in the Nourishing Soil of Mother Gaia... You will Break from your Shell Very Soon!

Card 3. In the World, Not of the World: It's Your time now.... Time to Break from the Shell, the Chains, The Clothes, The Judgement, The Beliefs, The Fear.... It is time to leave all of that behind and Bare Your Soul, Be Vulnerable and Exposed.... It is time to LIVE with Joy in your heart and to Acknowledge Every Moment, In the Moment!

Enjoy your Summer Everyone. May you be blessed with Laughter, Love and Happy Memories that will last a Lifetime!

MareLin PNW High Priestess

Sacred Rebel Oracle Deck

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