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This is a Pause, A Moment in Time, History in the Making. In this time of Social Distancing due to Covid 19, Worldwide Pandemic, a multitude of different emotions are taking place. Fear being the first that comes to many minds, walking hand in hand with Anxiety, Sadness and Anger. At this time we look for things to help us feel as though we are in Control of Something. We search for some kind of Balance to ease the feeling of instability. The Realization that this isn't just happening in America, But Worldwide can be quite overwhelming. All of these emotions are completely Valid!! Hopefully I can provide a little something Else to concentrate on, offer a way to take back some control and release the Anxiety and Fear that walk in the shadows.

Even though Social Distancing is a Requirement right now, in no way does it mean we cannot leave our houses. Get outside, The Sun is still shining, feel its warmth and take in its light. Notice how Clear the clouds are due to the lack of Pollution. Sit under that Tree that is Helping to Heal the Earth's Atmosphere. Dig your feet into the Soil and become rooted in the Nourishing Earth. Notice the Blossoms on the Cherry trees, the violets raising their faces to the sky, Smell the Fresh Air and listen to the Spring Birds sing. Our Mother Earth is taking a Break and Focusing on her healing. You have Control of your Perspective.

Forget the Social Media BS. If you want to check in and find out what is going on, focus on Reliable Sources. Sally from 2 houses down is not included in that list of reliability. While you're checking in, do some research on all of the GOOD that is happening out in the world right now. People are HELPING each other, Showing Compassion toward the person and the Situation that We Are All Facing and Sharing Love Freely, Not expecting Anything in return! We are ALL Acknowledging the Value of Life, Humility and Gratitude! You have Control of your Choices.

Families are spending TIME TOGETHER!!! Schools are Making Sure that No Child is Left Behind by handing out Chrome Books for education and Free Meals for health. Cable and Internet companies are providing Free Internet to families in need, helping the Instructors (that miss their students terribly) connect and Teach, while also allowing the kids to have some semblance of Normalcy . Banks are putting Mortgage payments on hold for the people that have lost their jobs at this time. Landlords are giving up rent just to make sure families have a roof over their heads. Small Businesses are being supported by their neighborhood customers, hoping to help keep their doors open. Technology is showing all of us that there really are No Boundaries. The Web is Connecting all of us in ways that no one expected. You have Control of your Emotion.

In this time of Social Distancing, if you really think about it... We are More Connected Now than we have been in a Very Long Time. Remember this Moment, This Pause, This Time in History. May we Never have a Repeat of the Pandemic. May we Always and Forever, on a Daily Basis... Practice the Compassion, Love, Understanding and Gratitude that we are Now. You have Control of Your Actions, Make them Positive.

The Circle is Open, But Unbroken

Until we Meet Again, My Darlings....

<3 MareLin PNW High Priestess

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