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Vegas Win - Full Moon with Full Lunar Eclipse Coming In Hot! Weekly Mooncast & Card Pull

Weeks of Jan 9-13 & 14-19

This Weeks Card Pull: The 7 of Air!

On January 9th our Waxing Moon Entered Pisces and Squared Venus. Bringing with her Watery Energies of Emotion, Sensitivity and a Not always Positive outlook on Situations of World and Personal level. This Moon Energy can leave us feeling weighted down and Foggy in the Brain, but It can also set some things Right! If you Are in a Relationship right now and Feel that You are the One Loving You and not Getting it From Your Partner, stop looking for Love in that Arena and Stand your Ground…. Remember YOU Deserve that Soul Infusion Kind Of Love….. It’s also Extremely important to remember to Show yourself some Love and Provide that Heart of yours Laughter!

The Moon Sextile in Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, While Conjunct in Neptune On January 10th added a need to Explore our Relationships on a Much Deeper Level. Instead of Fearing the Turbulent Waves on the Surface, we decide to Speak From the Heart… To The Heart, Opening up and being Vulnerable, Allowing ourselves to Trust, Release and Heal…..Also opening the gateway for Our Intuition to Grow. Our Mind Clears and We are Ready to Complete that To Do List that may have been overwhelming before. Be aware of the Sensitive nature you may be carrying and Feel Free to Excuse yourself from Situations that could cause Anxiety and Hurt.

The Moon Sextile Pluto and The Sun Conjunct Pluto on January 11th can shed some much needed light on those sneaky assholes that are trying to Manipulate and Control us with their Underhanded Ways. Whether it is Good or Bad, Hidden Aspects are Shown to us at this time… My Favorite thing about Pluto is it is the Planet of Death and Rebirth…. Endings and Reboots…. We may not be able to erase the Past, but We can sure as hell Release it and Re-write Whatever Future Our Souls Desire!! Think Love, Think Light, Think Big, Believe Loves… Believe!!!

On January 12th our Waxing Moon Enters Aries, Trine Venus and Conjunct Mars Bringing the Fiery HEAT of Courage, Action and Transformation… We will feel it on our beautiful asses pushing us Forward in Planning for our Future… So Many New, Amazing Things are coming and We need to Remove Ourselves from the Rut and PLAN for Our Future!! All of this Energy towards Forward Motion and Shedding of the Past can leave us feeling absolutely Giddy with Excitement… Don’t be afraid to reach out for help with Projects.. Our Creative Sides are going to be going Crazy for the next couple of days, use the energy to plan!

Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Jupiter Squaring Neptune, The Moon Squaring Venus, Saturn and Pluto on January 13th is going to Bring the Shit into Reality!! No More Lies… And I mean Us Lying to Ourselves!!! Let’s take the Blinders off and focus… The Key to Coping, Acknowledging and Addressing this Reality is to NOT let the Sadness, Guilt and Ego issues affect us to the point of Paralyzation… We Need to Keep Moving Forward! If it takes Cleaning the house, Washing Dishes, Yard Work… you know… those Monotonous things…. To keep us from Dwelling…. Do IT! I mean, A Clean house and Beautiful Yard are A good thing! Just Don’t overthink the Negative!! Illusion is Tantalizing… The Fact that we Fell for it …. Well….… we all learn lessons by making mistakes. Buck Up Buttercups… We Got This…Let’s Get our Business taken Care of and move the Fuck on, Shall We!

In the Beginning of this I told you we would discuss what and How the 7 of Air fit in to all of this.. well The 7 of Air is all about Our Spiritual Beliefs, Religious Practice and Personal Dogma and the Influence they Have on How We Perceive the World Around Us!! This Entire Week is all about Focusing on Reality vs. Illusion! It’s About having Faith and Believing! It’s about Spiritual and Intellectual Transformation! It’s About Speaking Up for Ourselves, Standing Up for Ourselves and Feeding Our Future with Work toward what is Best for Us!! All these things are Absolutely Fabulous, but May leave you forgetting…. Others are on this Planetary path as well… Speaking with Compassion and Really Trying to Understand others, will help You Authentically Decide which direction to take. Instead of Reacting negatively to A Push in the Direction of Someone Else’s Beliefs… Understand that They too have the Right to Receive the Gift of Belief!!!


January 14 - 19, 2019

This Weeks Card Pull: The Ace of Water

Our Waxing Moon Enters Taurus on January 14th with Mercury Sextile Neptune and brings us reminders of our Foundation, Our Earth, Our Physicality, Our Stability….. We Have not been tending to our Gardens and then we wonder why there are so many Cracks in the Dirt!! It’s time to Nurture Us, to make Conscious, Physical Changes for our Stability and Our EXPANSION!!! Remember, unattended… The Weeds will take over the Earth. Clear a Beautiful Path of Invitation for Positive Change! Then Sit back and Take in The Hard Work that has Been done! Celebrate it by having a little gathering with your Tribe! Spiritual Connections are made Every day…. Love this Energy…. Celebrate It…. Create, Write, Be Artsy Fartsy… Have some Fun!

The Moon Trine Saturn & Venus AND Sextile Neptune on January 15th bring a reminder of Strength! We Have the Power to Rise Above and Expand… not only our Ways of Thinking but Our Ways of Being, Forgiving, Living and Loving! Have Faith… Don’t get Pulled Under!

Our Waxing Moon Phases into Gemini and Trine Pluto on January 16th The Duality of the Twins and Fluidity of Air come into play here. It is a time to focus on our Communication… Physically, Spiritually and Intellectually! Now is a wonderful time to Allow Out of The Box Thinking, bringing with it Solutions and clarity via “InSight”! Don’t be surprised if your Dreams or “Divine Downloads” are bringing you valuable information for Profound Change!

On January 17th The Sun is Sextile Ceres, The Moon is Opposing Venus, Sextile Mars and Squaring Neptune bringing with it a wanting to Share our Feelings and Energy of Generosity with Others… Also, an allowing of Receiving it From Others! It is a Gift to Receive and Give, but we need to also remember, that with this, Our Boundaries Need to Stay Strong… There are Always those that will take advantage of a Kind Heart! Know Your Worth, We Need to Remember that We are All Light, We are All Deserving of Love. We know what we need to Accomplish… Now is the time to Direct Energy and Attention to It! Watch out for a feeling of imbalance due to illusion… Be Aware and Really See things the Way They Are!

The Moon Enters the Sign of Cancer on January 18th with The Sun Squaring Uranus, Venus Trine Mars and Mercury Conjunct Pluto I love the Water, but Damn!! Once again we are going to be diving deep to the Root of Things! We need to be aware of What is Us and What is Everyone Else. We all carry insecurities, this is the time to Find out the Core of them… Insecurities can keep Us Down. Finding the True Reason for them can help us Release and Heal. Remember, Water is Emotion and Relationship imbalance should be addressed… I encourage everyone to make a list of Boundaries that we Expect ourselves to Hold to and Others Not To Cross! We are looking out into a Vast Ocean which can leave us filled with anxiety and uncertainty as to how far away the Stability of the Horizon really is! Ride the Wave and remember We Control our Response to Our Emotions… We can choose to Float and Flow or Fight and Sink. Passion plays a part in this Moon as well, as it is an Emotion… Allow it to Pull you back to the Surface and direct the Focus back to Projects and ideas of Self Importance.

January 19th Sun Opposes Jupiter Good Fortune, Positivity and Puzzle Pieces all fitting together will most likely be the Energy of this day. Things are Going in the Forward Direction…. Even if that Direction is/was Unforeseen and New!

Card Pull: The Ace of Water

This week the Ace of Water is Confirming that it is Now time to Open Our Hearts to New Self-Love, a New Experience, a New Romance or a New Opportunity! Allow Passion and Desire to carry us on a Flow of Exploration of Self Worth, Boundaries and Truth! Have Faith that We will Land Exactly where We need to!

A New Podcast, Newsletter and Blog will be Live on Jan 19th with Focus on The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Energies Associated to it and Magick to Practice With It!

See you all Soon and Blessed Be,

MareLin PNW High Priestess

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