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Holy Cow!!! July and now August have cruised by in Light Speed!!! I have been busting butt and Shedding what no longer serves my soul, but I'll be damned if the pounds haven't come off!!! Worried though, I am not! My Workout Days are Quickly Returning.... Starting my Schedule at Pineapple Life Yoga and Barre Studio on August 9..... Wait a Minute.... That is TODAY!!! This Article is going to be short and Sweet. I took TIME FOR ME... I am going to Continue to TAKE TIME for Me.... If you will notice my new Online Booking Button on my Facebook page... Go ahead and Click on it.... That's right... My hours have been shortened. I have my Schedule updated with Openings and Closings well into Summer of 2019... If there is Anything that this Summer's Eclipse series, Lions Gate Portal has taught me.... Boundaries Baby! Respect them and Honor them... Especially if you want others to. Keep up, Wake Up, Lift Your Energy UP!!! The Only Place to Go IS UP!!! Love, Change, Drive, Motivation, Meditation, Manifestation... These are New Key Words that I Choose to Implement... Your Question for this Month is..... What Words Have YOU Chosen??? Read my August Mooncasting and Think about it.... Just Don't Waist Time.... If you didn't catch my previous memo.... It is VALUABLE!!! Let that Inner Lion Roar, No Longer Suppress your Desires, Wants, Needs, Expectations.... SPEAK for Fuck Sake!!! Shed the Bullshit Skin that you are Wearing and Show Your TRUE Self! That Beautiful, Strong, Loving, Vulnerable Ball of Soul Star Dust Energy..... I Dare You!

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