I am a moon water lover! I create this magickal water for every full, New and Dark moon and now I would love to share it! All bottles of magickal moon water have been cleansed and set with intention. As I mix them for you, of course I add a little extra magick, stones, herbs, and Energy.  Each bottle comes with information about the moon it was charged under, Moon Affirmations, the Spell used for that particular moon and ways for you to use it. I have so many containers of moon water from years ago (2007) and will be listing them as choices very soon.

As for now, I am listing the moon water from our Leo Full (Wolf) Moon - January 2021


If there is a special moon you are looking for (from 2007 until Now), please fill in the questions attached. If I do not have it, I will email you and let you know.


These bottles are 1.75" tall and .4oz - They are filled with ingredients and sealed with Wax. 

All Bottles are shipped via Flat Rate Shipping (so I can add enough padding to protect them)


Please note, the water is NOT for oral consumption 

Moon Water Magick Bottles

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Eye Hook and String Included
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