November 21, 2017

Kjierstin Layton

I have a miracle gift. A baby girl born on the 4th of July 2017! A gift like no other. However i wouldn't have received this beautiful perfect baby girl without the help of someone who is very special to me, whom also has a gift!

Christina, asked me to come into see her while I was in town one afternoon. She wanted to give me a massage and do some healing work. Honestly, I just really wanted a massage. I knew she had some areas of specialty in cleanse and healing energy's bu...t mostly I had seen her for mediumship and tarot. She didn't really tell me what we were doing but that she wanted to help me detox some of the negative energies I was holding in my belly.

We had experienced yet another loss of a child. This was the third miscarriage in three years. We had just finished a round of IVF and only had one good embryo that didn't take. I figured at this point there wasn't ever going to be a baby.

So I received a fabulous massage, got to see my friend and returned home to Georgia. The next couple of weeks later I started a new job and began to realize that in my new routine I was extremely tired and had alot of siliva... it hit me as I returned from a business trip that it has been 6 weeks since well you know. So I took a test that night... didn't even tell my husband. And boom! Instantly positive. The months and weeks that followed were stressful hoping to be in the clear. However this time was different, I didn't have any symptoms I felt great and our beautiful baby continued to grow and survive! Now call it luck or coincidence but I call it Devine intervention by Christina! Baby Julia defied all odds, she had a 10% chance, and she made it.

So thank you my dear friend, thank you for your gift, for time, and your healing powers! I truly believe that my womb wasn't ready to carry, I needed light and love in order to be ready to receive this perfect Angel baby!

September 29, 2016

Bari Tilley

Firstly, the experience I had with Christina was life changing. I came to her for guidance, from grief and sorrow. I left with so much more than a full heart. I can boldly say the experience strengthened me and helped me find my path to peace. She was able to communicate with the, recently past on, love of my life. She interpreted things that only he and I shared, very intimately. I was moved, body and soul. The reading was an answer to all the questions I was searching for. I came to her broken, I left in healing. I have told everyone who will listen of my experience. Her range of gifts are truly beautiful and heaven sent.

November 18, 2017

Lauren Flynn Habenicht

If you want to learn about esoteric subjects, but can be a big area of study and guidance helps. Christina at Old Tree is the perfect place, for uber experienced healers and for those who are just finding their path in the occult.  Christina has a great way and space for letting you experience a more mystical side of life. Try a Tarot or other service from her to see what i mean. I will definitely be going back for more.

June 1, 2012 

Stephanie Purtell 

Christina's massage's are AMAZING! The perfect combination of pampering and therapeutic deep tissue!  When you leave you have the unmistakable glow of someone that has just done something wonderful for themselves!  

September 18, 2013

Kjierstin Layton

She is always spot on!

May 4, 2014

Sarah Stankowski 

Had my cards read with Ms. Christina & it was a awesome reading!!! She answered the questions I have been having. Its crazy how on point it all was  Thanks lady!!! xo


May 23, 2014

Patrick Corrigan
My status from last night after your fantastic massage (Thank you so much!):
100 Happy Days -- Day 16: Being too blissed out after an incredible massage from Christina Smith Stembler to post any photos of anything, or even to care...

August 25, 2014

Just what i needed!!! feeling very loved and blessed. thank you for the information you included!


March 7, 2015 

Jessica Alexander

Christina shared with me an incredible experience. I had a very specific question in mind and was blown away by the depth of information I received. I found her guidance and insight both instructional and nurturing. She gave me pointers on what I needed to be aware of & to look for along with where I need to keep my focus.

I feel like a light was turned on and I have the tools I need to make positive changes in my life.

Thank you Christina!

March 7, 2015

Thomas Alexander

I've had a lot of Readings, Tarot, Numerology, etc. Christina's was one of the best. She was clear, helpful and best of all laid out clear and practical advice.

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