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"I am Living Proof that Shadow Work is not only beneficial, but Necessary!"

  High Priestess MareLin grew up in a family full of People with Powerful Abilities and Gifts. Her Strength and Comfort, as she grew to realize how harsh the world could be to difference, was and is always her Family. They are always cheering her on and sharing their stories to help her improve upon Her Gifts and Path. Because of them, she has had the courage to be a practicing Gray Witch for the past 30 years. Because of her undying belief in the Powers of The Universe, and Divine she has always been seen as the eternal optimist, therefore being given the name by her loved ones in 2007 of The OptiMystic Oracle.

  MareLin has been a Body/Energy worker for 20+ years. As an Empath, She is Very In-tuned to the Body and the Subtle Energies surrounding it. As an Intuitive, She Loves to teach others to Open their Wholistic doorways to the Universal Realm. MareLin has been A Circle Leader, High Priestess, Follower of the Moon and Practitioner of the Healing & Mystical Arts for over 30 years.

  As a 5th Generation Witch, she created The Path of The Moon Tradition, based on text attained from her Great Grandmother’s Journal and Several years of study. Her goal through teachings and life is to help others open up to the Shadow side of self, to embrace the magnificence of that space within and use it to heal, transform, connect and ascend.