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Evergreen Online Courses

These are courses that have been pre-recorded and can be taken at any time.

There are no Live (Virtual) sessions included with these courses.

Questions regarding the material are always welcome.

Any documents that may go with the video, will be made accessible to you via Microsoft Teams invitation.

**Other classes listed are Virtual (Live) Class offerings and are subject to

Date and Timeline commitment. **

Photos by MareLin

This is In the Works!

A collection of OptiMystic Photos to keep your soul relaxed and happy. Available to you for purchase and use as PC, Tablet, and Phone Screensaver and Decorative Use.

Pre-recorded and Customized Meditation Downloads

This is In the Works!

A collection of pre-recorded meditations and customizable orders will be available Soon!!

Gift Card Options

In a time crunch... Who doesn't love a good gift card, especially when it is good for use with any service, product, or class on my site?

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