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  • Sun, Mar 14
    Live Via Microsoft Teams/Zoom
    Mar 14, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT
    Live Via Microsoft Teams/Zoom
    The Path of the Moon is a journey of Self Exploration, Healing and Celebration of Growth, of Empowerment.. of Becoming. While walking the path of Witchery, of the Craft, of Balance...we are led by the Phases of the Moon... The Great Goddess Selene and taught by the Mother of All Witches... Hecate.
  • Evergreen (Start when You Want to.)
    Pre-recorded Video Download/ Workbook
    Evergreen (Start when You Want to.)
    Pre-recorded Video Download/ Workbook
    8 Week Online Course Tarot Deck + Hands + Heart + Internet

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