Phases is a Body and Room Spray that Envelopes you in Moon Energy, infused with Aromatherapy and takes you on a Journey into the Essence of The Magick of the Crystal.

I have a Selection of Sprays Following the Phases of the Moon, The 12 Houses,The Planets, The Wheel of the Year, The Chakras, Moods and of Course... Magickal Intentions! All Sprays are infused with Love, Light, Reiki, Earth Energy and Moon Magick. Unscented and Custom Orders are Happily Available!


Phases - Crystal Essence Therapy Spray

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Moon Phases
The 12 Sun Sign Astrological Houses
The Chakras
The Wheel of The Year
Magickal Intention
  • Bottle = 4oz, Glass bottle - Cobalt Blue

    Ingredients = Various Crystals, Various Scents and sometimes Herbs, De-Ionized Water

    Care = Best if kept in a cool dark space, feel free to charge the water under the Monthly New and Full Moon.

    Special Instructions = Before Spraying onto the Skin, be aware that some sprays contain Essential Oils that You Might be allergic to. Always check the ingredients pertaining to THAT Particular Spray. Oils May stain Clothing.