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Autumn... the arrival of Mabon!

The Word September comes from the Latin Septem, meaning 7. The meaning of Seven came about because September was the Seventh Month of the Roman Calendar, which actually began the Year in March (which is still spiritually practiced around Ostara or Spring Equinox). September not only brings us to the Beginning of Autumn (Sept. 21-24), but also brings in the energy of Virgo and The part of the year that Gratitude is celebrated most!

Are you feeling the urge to Get Rid of Everything, Clean all Baseboards, Walls and Windows?.... This is the September Virgo energy swirling around you! I welcome this energy, knowing that my Fall Deep Cleaning needs to last until the New Year because I won't have time to do it again until Spring. This is the time of year that I ready my "Cave" for Hibernation (Virgo= Hermit card in Tarot), the time I ready Myself for my Shadow journey during the Winter months (Shadow Journey= Soul Searching, Healing and Illuminating Journey). The kids have returned to school, the leaves are transforming into a beautiful palette of earthly colors and Mabon (Autumnal Equinox) is right around the corner. Mabon, the 2nd Harvest (The End of the Harvest of the Grain, that began at Lammas, the Festival of Dionysus, Harvest of First Fruits, and Wine Harvest, Celebration of the Fruits of our Labor) and the Celebration of Life and Death, marks the beginning of the lifting of the Veil, welcoming those that have passed over, and the beginning of our Shadow Journey... Can you tell that I LOVE this time of year?!

Mabon or Autumn Equinox is also known as the Feast of Avalon and the Festival of the Wine Harvest....Yummy! To the Celts, Avalon (Land of Apples) is the Place or Land of the Dead. Mabon is a holiday that Celebrates the Bounty of the Harvest and the Desire for the living to be reunited with their deceased loved ones. Mabon is a Lesser or Solar Sabbat and is sacred to The Father God. Mabon, named after the Welsh God, meaning The Great Son, was the Son of Modred and kidnapped at the age of 3, later rescued by King the story goes. Mabon represents the Cycle of Life and is also known as the King of the Otherworld and God of Darkness. At this time of year we Honor the Dead by arranging Altars with their pictures, fruits, grain, wine and other items that show our gratitude for the deceased And for the Bountiful Harvest.

This time of year we embrace the themes of Closing, Letting Go and Remembering. Break out your Grimiore or Book of Shadows and write down your thoughts, feelings, memories and what you are grateful for. Take time to quiet the mind and body and allow yourself to Be in the moment of recognizing the cycle of life, the feeling of give and take, the balance of light and dark and the entry of the sign of Libra (Scales of Justice and Balance). Feel free to comment with a picture of your Altar, your favorite Mabon Recipe or Ritual.

Blessed Be,


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