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Time - Where do I Begin - Where do I End?

I have been living by my Watch All of my Life... Until these questions came to mind...Am I doing the Things I want with MY Time? Am I Living?

Time - We use it as a manner of Measurement, Help to solidify our Existence in this Space and Place. Some Feel it is Eternal, some feel we walk parallel to another time line, some feel time is Non-existent all together. I'm not here to discuss that really, I am here to talk about the Use of the Precious Gift we have been given in This Life.

Look at your watch, phone or clock Right Now. Take note of what time it is. Let this moment be the last moment you look at time and let IT dictate what YOU are doing!

As a Virgo the saying "What I don't get done today will be there tomorrow" was Very tough for me to swallow. Unfortunately, not because of the thought that there may not be a tomorrow, but instead tied down to the thought "NO!!! I Have to Get ALL of this Done Today so I can Accomplish Even More Tomorrow".

Do I think deadlines should be in place? YES! My way of thinking about them has changed though. I used to set Crazy Goals and Deadlines for myself and the multitude of projects that I took on. Now I believe in setting "Realistic" deadlines and goals. Realistic is dependent upon Who You Are, your Freedoms or Responsibilities! My Realistic may be Very different from Yours. Only Self can determine it.

I have Chosen to Achieve ONE Huge Goal. A goal of Living, not for time, not for what I attain in life, not for status or collection, but for Joy, for Pleasure, for what Feeds My Soul, for MY Best & Highest Good!

I have chosen Simplicity in the form of Sunday morning breakfast with my family, just to be close to them and hear them laugh. I have Chosen to Only dedicate my work hours to MY fulfillment choosing to NO longer give my Time to work for others' gain. If you are reading this and thinking I may be a little selfish, just know, I fought myself for Years with that same thought!

The Planets aligned, the Energy was just right, the conversation was disarmingly honest and I decided... This is My Time, I am in control of how I spend it. I woke up the following morning and a realization slapped me across the face... What I am not in control of  is the amount of Time I have been gifted upon this Earth. That Moment Changed my way of thinking!

Tomorrow is Never Guaranteed, it is Arrogance that leads us to believe we can conquer the ticking of the clock. It is the Ego that thinks Living equates to What we Have in this life. It isn't Fear that helps one acknowledge time, it is the Acceptance of the fact that we are Not Immortal, the taking down of the Shield of Immortality, the releasing of the Ego and Arrogance that allow LIFE/LIVING to Fully Take Place.

I chose to Shed that way of thinking and To Live knowing that I will leave behind a legacy of Love, Stories filled with the Laughter of Family and Friends and Most of All, The Importance of Life Itself.

We may be granted 20 years, A Brief Moment or 100 Years on this Earth. It Really comes down to Quality vs. Quantity and if you're spending those 100 years busting your ass working, doing things that you are not happy about, surrounding yourself with those that bring drama to your life, Not filling your Heart and Soul with Joy... Are You Really Living?

It's About Time we Take Our Moments Back and choose to Listen to the Leaves swaying in the breeze and the Laughter of the Young Ones, to enjoy the Beauty of Difference, the Lines of His/Her Story and Knowledge on our faces, to embrace - receive and return in kind, heart felt words.

It's About Time we Make and Take Time for ourselves. It's About Time we LIVE this life to its Fullest Most Amazing Capacity, Respecting, Owning and Celebrating our version of Realistic.

It's About Time I took a Stand.

It's About Time I Came Fully Into My Own.

It's About Time!

Blessed Be,


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