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Deconstructing The Monsters WE Create..... With LOVE!

We Go through Life Creating Monsters! Everyday we Feed them. In the beginning they are Small and inconsequential, but the more nourishment and time we give to them the Bigger, Stronger and More Overwhelming they become!!

What are these Monsters you ask?? Well I don't know which ones are hanging out with you, but My MAJOR Monster was My Savior Mentality. I would see someone that I care about in need and I would JUMP to the Rescue, so much so that I would avoid My own Needs. THIS is NOT the Fault of the Other Person! This is Not My Fault, it was just a Monster I Chose to let Take Over.

I went along and let this Monster Lead the Way. I got Tired, I got Sick, I asked Why am I putting My Dreams on the Back Burner? The Monster responded with a Lie!! It told me, This Person Needs You! At this point in time, that was VERY True! I had made myself THE ONLY Person Capable of Doing What Needed to Be Done!!!!! How Selfish!

The Monster Lied!!! What it didn't want to reveal to me was, the reality that I was AFRAID of Flying on My Own, It Was Easier to Deal with business that Was Not Mine!!!  It was Easier to feed the Success of another rather than Build My Dream!!!

It is Life Changing what happens when We Get this Slap Upside the head from Divine knocking us into SEEING the REALITY of a Situation.  Divine works in Wonderful ways... The Next Day, The Sterling Goddess Called me to let me know she had found a person to take over my duties as Stargazers so I could Take Care of MY duties! Blessings come in a variety of ways, sometimes they even come to you as Monsters.

It Was Love of and for Myself that helped me to realize it was time for me to Deconstruct my Savior Mentality. It was Love of a Mentor that saw that in me and gave me a little sweet Shove out of the Nest.

Love Yourself Enough to be Honest with YOURSELF. Acknowledge Your Monsters and Deconstruct them. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Blessed Be, MareLin

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