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Has the Word and Practice of just saying.. Yes, entered your heart and exited your mouth enough lately??

If you're saying No... Please continue to read!

If you're saying Yes...Please continue... to read....

People who know me will tell you I Probably Says Yes too often!  I believe I could say Yes even More than I already do!  I spent a Very large portion of this Life saying... no, I can't or I shouldn't. Why you ask? Well, (and this, I know now) I viewed saying No as a form of control in my life, an addition to stability and foundation. I had Two Beautiful reasons to play it as "safe" as I could.

When I say Safe, please know I am talking about "Life Opportunities" (of which I did not view as such then), Career Choices, etc. I was a Single Mother for quite a period of time, I made the choices I felt were for the best... Looking back, I should have said Yes even then.. Especially to turning down some not so compatible suitors - which, unfortunately my Daughters can agree with.

It wasn't until I moved to Washington that Yes Really Entered my Bones.  I said Yes to Leaving my Family and temporarily, One of My Daughters (Hardest Decision ever, completely different story) in Vegas and with only the Belief of Love and moved to Washington to be with my Now Husband/Love for Almost 12 years!

It was Yes that I said when we All (Both my Daughters were with me in Wa.) sat around the fire pit and Babe asked me to Marry him... with an aluminum ring he made.. I still have it!

It was Yes that I said when the Dr. asked us if we "were Really going to Roll the Dice and take a chance" instead of aborting our Unborn child, after finding out he was going to be born with a condition that could very possibly take him from us after birth!

It was Yes I said to my Husband when he asked if we should find a New Dr.!

It was Yes I said to carrying the Last Beautiful Installment of our Family, 8 months later.  I have to admit, this was a very frightening Yes. I was already caring for a Special Needs child, the thought that my Last Baby could also be born with the same condition as my other Son, compounded by the thought of How could I care for ALL of my children and give them the Love and attention that They All deserve!   Very Scary.... But So Worth the YES!

It was Yes that I said to Introducing my Magickal Self to the World... Like with a Magick name and Everything, lol!!

It was Yes that I said to TEACHING... This from a being that has had issues with being in front of a crowd allll her life!  Did I mention, I Love Teaching?!?!

It was Yes that I said to a Group of Students that call me their Mentor.

It was Yes that I said to Leading Moon Gatherings and Teaching by Example.

My Latest Yes (s).... Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and Leading Guided Meditations!

Life Changes in an Amazingly Wonderful Way, when you say Yes!

Say Yes to Leaving a Situation that No Longer Feeds Your Soul! Say Yes to that beautiful Piece of Fruit! Say Yes to Learning Something New! Say Yes to Moving across the US for the Love that lives in your Heart! Say Yes to Sailing the Open Seas! Say Yes to taking that much needed time for yourself! Say Yes to Creating Your Own Tarot Deck, Say Yes to Selling Your Products on line, Say Yes to Speaking Your Truth, Say Yes to RV'ing the U.S., Say Yes to Writing that Book you have been waiting to Write! Say Yes to Loving Unconditionally! Say Yes to Forgiving in just the same way! Say YES to Living!

Say Yes.... A Thousand Times Yes!!!

I wish you Much Joy,

MareLin, PNW HPriestess

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