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The Essence of The Crystal..... Going Into Earth

Crystals In The Dark

To one side of me the Gemini Sun sets and to the Other comes the Rise of the Waning Gemini Moon, they Dance in the sky filling me with a feeling of Beautiful Balance. New Moon will be coming soon, but first....

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon... Don't Be afraid... The Shadow side provides us Healing in the Dark, Illumination in Blackness..... Say Hello to The Earth Star Chakra!

It is now the time of the Month to Rest into the Earth, Converse with Shadow self and Receive some Overdue Rejuvenation.  Yes Loves, I am talking about Healing with the help of Black. Darkness enhances ALL other senses and Provides the Reminder that True Shine comes from Deep Within! Divine Illumination in the Darkest of Dark!

The Earth Star Chakra, is Our connection to the Center of the Earth, to Gaia's Heart. As we travel now with Crone Energy, during this Dark Moon, I thought it would be a wonderful time to share some information regarding Shadow Work, Stones to use and the connection to the Earth Star Chakra, in an effort to Ease the Fears of those who relate Shadow, Black and Darkness to Negativity.

At my Strongest, I am also in my Most Grounded Space... You know the one... Whether it be at the Gym, in the Forest, on the Beach, at the top of a Mountain, Flying, Scuba Diving... Wherever You feel MOST Connected to The heartbeat of Gaia is your Ground. What I am saying is You Do Not have to have Your Feet on the Earth to connect to The Earth Star Chakra.

I am starting with The Darkest of Black because I would like everyone to envision and embrace, without fear, the True Beauty of Black. The Light that this Color, This Mindset, This Space emits is so Strong, So Healing, So Powerful it brings you to an Ascension Point. By New Moon (on June 13, in Gemini), with practice, you may be ready to ascend into an even Brighter Light Being!

Earth Star Chakra is Located about a Foot Under Your Feet and travels down into the core of the Earth, connecting you to The Center of All. This is the Chakra I connect to when I want to Provide our Mother Earth with direct Healing from the Inside out!   Disclaimer: If you are wanting to Connect to Gaia's Core, you need to know... It is Dark... It is Shadow... it can be Scary.... It is the Illumination of Truth, that you may not be ready for... It is Healing... It is Work and it is Worth It!!

The next few News letters will be touching on the Different Chakras, but My class series being offered in August will discuss in Depth the 12 Chakra System.

To help with any Dark Moon, Meditation or Journey Work, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Black stones/crystals. These stones are inexpensive and relatively easy to find.  Black stones aren't just beneficial in grounding practices but they are Great Protection Stones, as they deflect negativity that surrounds us as well as deteriorate the negativity that we may be carrying.  The Stones in this article are ones that I have worked with and adore, they are Not the End All Be All and I encourage you to experiment with different crystals to see how they interact with you.

1. To Balance out the Heaviness that some may feel from diving so deep, I am recommending Smokey Quartz... a Crystal that has a few different Shade Variations available... Each shade representing Levels of depth, strength and energy. For a Subtle Grounding use a lighter shade, for a much Deeper grounding use a Darker shade. If you don't know which one to use... Hold each one and breath... Do you feel as though you are being drug through the Mud or do you feel as though you are being lovingly embraced by the Earth?

2. My next choice of Black Obsidian, takes us a little deeper into our shadow sight.  Black Obsidian truly takes you to a different realm with its hypnotizing rings inviting us to look deeper... not just into the stone, but into Self!

3. Black Tourmaline is my Stone of Choice when I am choosing to Go Really Deep! When I travel to the Core of Things... Black Tourmaline is Always by my side. This stone has the ability to Calm and Quiet the Multiple Thoughts and voices in my head to bring me Clarity in the Realms of Darkness deep under the Earth's Surface. While it is Quite Amazing for me, I have seen some hold it and become Extremely Tired... Like the weight of the World is on their Shoulders, if this happens to you... either try a much smaller piece or A different Stone completely.

Play with the stones mentioned here, tune into them and into you, pay attention as to how they make you feel... Are they Calming or do they bring you a feeling of drowning, fear and entrapment?  Are you feeling pulled down uneasily or does it feel comfortable.. like a cocoon, a familiar blanket or a Mother's Womb?  Are you receiving messages of Healing and Growth or are you feeling overwhelmed?

The Most important Question is... as the stone takes you deeper... is it providing you with a sense of Safety or Fear? As with Any Journey, if you begin it with Hesitation and Fear, you shut yourself off to True Exploration and Revelation. Begin this Shadow Journey with Love in your Heart and you will find the Light Within!


MareLin - PNW HPriestess

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